Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mini Moo's!!!!

Woo hoo! we finally have our new dexters here at home settling in. We now have 6 more, 3 cows and their 2-3 month calves. We have named the black girl "minnie Moo" Dexter total of 10. The in laws graciously purchased 3 of the new dexters to enable us to extend our bloodlines. Thanks, ma & pa downs!

animal inventory
10 Dexters
4 horses
5 geese
21 chickens-including one bantie rooster that sounds like a toy when he crows
4 babydoll sheep
2 dogs
1 cat
1 large fish tank- central american fishes

The geese seemed to have realized that they live here now and have quit trying to walk away. I think the 2-3" of snow have really helped them establish their new home. Chickens meanwhile refuse to come out of the barn with snow on the ground.

We have had two deer harvested off of the property this year. One to a first time 12 year old hunter, and one huge doe to one of our friends son. Our area was categorized as an intensive hunt area this year. Have spotted several bucks on the property this year.

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