Sunday, December 14, 2008

Batton down the hatches!!-or the vampiristic/carnivoristic chickens

Well this morning was a balmy 40 degrees, no sign of the impending "storm of the winter" Skip ahead to 3:30 this afternoon to a fridgid 30 plunging downward, winds about 30mph and gaining, throw in some snow going horizontally and you have a picture of this afternoon.

It's such a great feeling to know that all the critters and their accomodations have been fortified for the storm. Time will tell if we get any real accumulations of snow. Farther north has a better chance with some forecasts calling for 5-12".

the freezer is once again full or should I say soon to be full? Our wonderful friend who has hunting priveledges on our property shot a nice big doe for us. This year the weather is just right to let us hang the meat to age. Last year it was too balmy to age the meat.

I have also discovered that we have vampiristic/carnivoristic chickens. Quite a feeding frenzy of chickens in the front loader of the tractor that had been used to bring the deer to the barn. They were in the loader cleaning up the blood that had come from the deer, dumping the loader into the snow at least kept them out of the bucket, but into the snow to eat these apparently delectible morsels. Later the afternoon, prompted another frenzy when I started feeding the suet to the chickens, it was crazy feathers flying everywhere as they struggled and battled to get the most suet.

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Evelyn said...

lol about carnivior chix! Yes, they are... little dinosaurs! And, you wondered where Valasa Raptor went! During The Depression, you never saw any roadkill on the roads. The first farmer that passed it threw it in the back of his pickup to take home for the chix. On Our Farm, they get all the processing & dinner scraps. If they don't get enough protein, they'll start getting it from each other (vent pecking is how it usually starts.)
Enjoying reading thru your blog. :)