Tuesday, December 16, 2008

ja, ja it's a bit cold

LOL, only in minnesota do we finally say it's getting a bit cold when the temp. goes into the negatives. Yesterday was bitterly cold with actual temperature of -8 and windchill of some ridiculous number like -27 or so. My thoughts on both the wind chill and heat index are "it's too stinking cold or hot for man or beast"

Blizzard the rooster is continueing in ICU- that's the intensive chicken unit, for his infected foot. He's definitely feeling better as we start the morning coffee while he crows, it's actually fun having a rooster crow in the house in the morning, the girls however do not share our enthusiasm for it as they still have another 20 minutes before their alarms go off.

Snowing again now, wouldn't mind couple inches of accumulation. Horses and cows still refuse to hang out in the barn, out of the wind. I think they feel it necessary to keep a watchful eye on their hay in the pasture.....wouldn't want it to go MIA.

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