Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Rodeo-yee haw

phew, finally dehorned the calves yesterday. Bezebull was as anticipated quite the rodeo. I have what I believe is the biggest bruise of my life on my thigh. It takes up my entire thigh and is a fascinating blend of blues,purples and yellow. I suspect that Bezebull is older than the breeder told us. He is a good 50% larger than the other two calves, and had actual horn formation instead of the nubs on the others.

We were very fortunate to have the assistance of two teenage relatives along with our teenage daughter. Having extra hands to hold and prep supplies was a huge help.

Snowing and blowing today, temp of 8* this morning. Blizzard the rooster continues to be an effective alarm clock. Hopefully soon he will start using the hurt foot.

Tiny the border collie was anxious to help herd the cows and sort them prior to dehorning. After herding she was ready to rewire the house, build an addition, plow the snow..... any of you with experience with BC's know what I am talking about!! Annie, the lab is occasionally showing her age, not however when it comes to retrieving the ball, she will still do that for hours.
Merry Christmas to all, have a safe and blessed season!!!

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Connie Peterson said...

I love Dexters! We were going to have them here before Norm fell and broke his neck. Now I can just dream about them. So I enjoy seeing pictures.

I have put your link on my blog - you have a cool place there!