Sunday, December 28, 2008

chicken song

lol, hubby is in the kitchen singing a made up song, called the "chicken song" Blizzard the rooster is very helpful and crows at the appropriate times. Yes, we are the funny farm!!! the song apparently now is about his not having 11 special spices and herbs, but he must cook a pizza in a very funny falsetto. Its always interesting!!! Rooster does seem to be getting better, he is starting to use the foot more and more.

Had the Downs family Christmas get together yesterday. It was a good time, always interesting and usually intellectual conversations, at times getting pretty rowdy.

All of the critters are doing well. The driveway or should I say "slideway" is a now the luge run, the sun has been out and melting some of the snow off which all drains and then freezes on the long sloping 'slideway" Hopefully the salt we put out will make it at least somewhat passable.

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goodshepherd said...

Keep right on singin' that song, Lawrence! I can relate...I sing 'special' songs for each one of my animals!!!