Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ja, it's minnie-soda

WOW! lots of snow now. Received somewhere between 18"-24" yesterday. Hard to get an exact amount, as we went into blizzard conditions with severe winds blowing the snow everywhere.

I do know that the snow is up to the horses knees, past midline on the border collie. Dogs are unable to squat to do their 'business' Windchills in the -35.

This morning brings clear skies and the strong wind from the west. It was interesting yesterday to observe the snow coming from the east with little wind until 4 pm, at that time sky was dark to the west and then....BLAM!! severe gusts of wind and blowing snow from the west. A dramatic change that was interesting to observe. Unable to stay to observe for too long as the wind brought bitter cold.

Farm tasks for the week, move 'Rosie' one of our pregnant Dexters to the other barn to get acquainted with the new moo's we purchased earlier this month. Rosie is due around 1/15 but her last calf was a week early and we lost him. Hopefully this time will bring a healthy calf.
Chickens have not slowed down with laying. In fact we now receive 13+ from the 18 hens. C-rex the huge buff rooster has taken advantage of his being the only male currently in the barn to harrass all the hens, he's kinda a jerk!! Blizzard the house rooster is making a slow recovery from bumblefoot. He seems very much to enjoy his position in the house.

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