Sunday, April 19, 2009


I can almost see the grass growing and greening before my eyes. Not sure who will be happier the animals with the new grass growth or myself for the same reason.

Morning brought 4 new chicks, 3 black/white and 1 yellow. It's so cute to see them peek out from mom's wing. Geese eggs are due to hatch any day now also. If you are interested in some American buff goslings let me know, there are LOTS of eggs.

We deliver "Larriette" and her calf to some great people today. I always love getting to know the people our animals go to and Susan and her family seem to be kindred spirits, with the same goals of land stewardship and animal husbandry that we have. I'm excited also to see their farm and the jersey calf and other critters they have.

Here's to green growing grass!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Baby!

Woohoo, this morning beckoned with lots of sunshine, frost on the ground, hungry critters and a new heifer calf this morning. We just missed the actual birth but were able to observe the newcomer getting up and nursing. Sandy, the mom, allowed hubby to pick up the calf and we were able to tell it was a heifer. Mom and Bunny (what else could we name her?) are both doing great! Looking forward to seeing Bunny up and running around.

Larriette, another cow is also very close to calving so maybe we will have two of close age to watch play.