Monday, August 30, 2010

Ruby Red

Well, I have finally remembered to take the camera out to get recent photo's of our first Dna typed red Dexter. The photo's don't replicate the shiny, shiny new copper penny color of her but it gives one an idea. Next on the agenda start halter training her, I would very much like to show her. Not too many Dexter classes or shows locally so it may be that she is shown for exhibit only. That's ok, I welcome the opportunity to educate the public on this wonderful small breed of cattle. The other calf in one of the pictures is, Spunky Mooster, you know like Punky Brewster. It's amazing that she wasn't tearing around wrestling with the weeds or bumping heads with Ruby.

Animals definitely seem to hang out with like sex, or color. The three boys all hang together and Spunky and Ruby are always together.

Scooter the dog is getting huge!!!! We joke that he is part great dane. He's still waiting for his brain to show up, think he has DADD-dog attention deficit disorder. He's a great dog, even if we do make fun of him.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Peeking chicken

Yes, it is a Peeking chicken, peeking out from the new basement they and the dogs are attempting to excavate.

It's official we have a dna confirmed red heifer!!! woohoo, she is the color of a new penny, very shiny and healthy. We've had two heifers this year and two bull calves. It's been very nice finally getting some heifers that are eligible for registry. Tomas is enjoying meeting new people and carrying them around.

Garden has gone nuts, have already canned 10 quarts of tomatoes, and frozen probably another 10 gallon size bags of them.