Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lab tested and approved

I'm not sure if any of my readers are football fans, I hadn't watched a game in years until recently. How could I not watch now when my the Vikings are doing so well? It has even been lab test-see photo. Annie, the lab, has not been dressed up in a few years. She grew up in a neighborhood of young girls and spent a lot of time attending tea parties and the like. She still seems to enjoy the dressing up part and even cooperated to let us put the viking shoes on her.

The geese lately have taken to venturing about and went to the neighbors on monday, guess I will have to clip their wings again. They apparently haven't read any of the books that state that adult domestic geese can't/won't fly.

Bubby's wound is healing nicely, it's amazing how he will just stand for me to flush (32oz) the wound with antiseptic solution and then rub some ointment into it. Of course he always gets lots of treats and a bucket of corn when I'm done. I figure in a week or so he can go back to the big pasture and Toma's to the paddock.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Seems like I often spend time waiting. Waiting for the sun to be out, cows to calf, bubby the horse to mend, etc. etc. I think waiting makes one more appreciative of the event when it finally happens. I know today is a great day, the sun is out, I heard the first cardinals and I take comfort in the promise of warmer days to come. I saw the phrase; " hours creep by but the years fly by" and I find that to be very true.

Bird count, 2 Robins, 2 mourning doves, sounds of cardinals spring is on its way. I tell myself this anyway as we still may receive lots more snow.

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Friday, January 15, 2010

time flies

wow, I didn't realize it had been so long since my last post.

New events, Bubby my gelding quarter horse received a rather large bite from my stud. I believe the stud was protecting his food supply, although it seems rather weird as they have been together for many months now. Oh well, cleaning and flushing and giving antibiotic shots are keeping me busy. Poor Bubby is not too keen on all this attention. This wound is gross, even by my vet tech standards. Softball size around and about 1.5" deep yuck.

We are expecting two calves any time soon, can't wait babies are always fun!!! I have sold my babydoll sheep and livestock is down to just the Dexters, horses and chickens,geese.

I'm hoping this doesnt come as a big surprise but "Monsanto's GMO corn has been linked to organ failure"

I'm so glad that we have the opportunity and the blessing of being able to raise our own meat, hoping the garden will actually get going this year. I'm planning on raising a pig this year also. Another learning experience I'm sure.

I hope this finds you well, healthy and safe.

Oh my goodness how could I have forgotten? Scooter the wonder puppy is growing like a weed. We keep joking that we aren't going to let him go to sleep because you can almost see the difference is size when he gets up. He went from 18# on 12/29 to 23# on 1.8 amazing!!!!