Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lab tested and approved

I'm not sure if any of my readers are football fans, I hadn't watched a game in years until recently. How could I not watch now when my the Vikings are doing so well? It has even been lab test-see photo. Annie, the lab, has not been dressed up in a few years. She grew up in a neighborhood of young girls and spent a lot of time attending tea parties and the like. She still seems to enjoy the dressing up part and even cooperated to let us put the viking shoes on her.

The geese lately have taken to venturing about and went to the neighbors on monday, guess I will have to clip their wings again. They apparently haven't read any of the books that state that adult domestic geese can't/won't fly.

Bubby's wound is healing nicely, it's amazing how he will just stand for me to flush (32oz) the wound with antiseptic solution and then rub some ointment into it. Of course he always gets lots of treats and a bucket of corn when I'm done. I figure in a week or so he can go back to the big pasture and Toma's to the paddock.

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