Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How quickly the time passes

I remember hearing as a kid that time goes by faster as you get older; wow, they weren't kidding!!! Seems like we just had snow on the ground, now the leaves are turning & falling. Have observed geese migrating -which seems early to me this year. Wooly bear caterpillers are solid orange, what does that mean? Hopefully that it's a different type of wooly bear and not some evil harbinger of winter doom.

After 6 years out here I have finally visually observed what we affectionately call the monkey owl. Truly it sounds much like a monkey and certainly not what I expected an owl to sound like. I had pretty much id'd it from some audio but it wasn't until Sunday when the barred owl was finally spotted and the id confirmed.

We also this year have Northern Harriers, a very cool bird of prey that interestingly enough look similar to owls-and adaption to their hearing and hunting technique.

I lost my first and favorite Nubian goat last week to meningeal worm, a nasty parasite of deer that wreaks havoc on goats central nervous system. I have to thank Molly the goat, for her love patience and getting me back into goats. She's missed very much.

Prior to Molly getting sick I had been working on getting another goat so I could finally make cheese. I discovered a Saanen owned by a friend of a friend and now Princess Fiona makes her home here. She is currently producing almost 2 gallons of milk a day, a very respectable amount!!! Did you know that goats are capable of producing their own body weight in milk in just 10 days??

Fiona being shown at MN St. fair by Kirsten, a friends daughter. They did great.