Wednesday, February 20, 2013

a great flood and an ice age?

seems like a million years since I updated the blog, I apologize, but in the mean time I have experienced a great flood, over 11" of rain in less than 24hrs. This occurred in June, lost a 6 ft section of driveway on one side of the bridge and 8 ft on the other side. We literally walked the plank until we could get someone to fix it. This winter seems like an ice age or at least it's a fitting description of the driveway. Rain on top of snow will give you a lovely layer of ice, 2" to be precise. It's been real interesting bringing the hay down the hill to the pasture to feed. I have been calling it my 'youtube' worthy winter, lots of opportunities for videos that would no doubt be quite hilarious. Critters are all doing well. Goat kids are due in 3 weeks. Hoping for a spotted doeling, but only time will tell. the icy hilly driveway. Hope this finds you all well!