Monday, December 22, 2008

bitterly cold

4 am this morning brought temperature of -11, due to global warming at 8:30am it is now -18!!! Beautifully clear skies create diamonds in the snow.
Horses still are using the barn, although the cows definitely are using it some. bob, the barn cat has now entrenched himself in a tight nest in the hay in the pole barn, coming down after the sun comes up for his food.

Blizzard, the chicken continues in ICU. He is much more alert and has taken to getting out of the kennel and wandering the mud room. He talks a lot to us, and always responds with either a coo or cluking when spoke to. he also politely holds his foot out for treatment.

We haven't received any more snow since Saturday although up north they did receive a few inches on Sunday.

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