Friday, September 24, 2010

Rain! what a surprise

Wow, I still don't think we have made it over a week without a measurable amount of rain. The last two days however have been crazy. Most reports have the area receiving at least 6" of rain. I had forgotton that there is a drain tile around the back of the house until I noticed the drain end shooting water into the air. Tomas's pasture is quite soggy as there is a drainage ditch from the opposite side of the road that drains through his pasture, I moved him up to the paddock and barn. Parts of the hwy south of us are closed as the road is under water, Hwy 52 is the major route to Rochester from the twin cities, they expect the northbound lanes to be closed for at least a week to repair the damage. So glad the house is up on a hill!!!

to the left in the pictures of the bridge, there is actually a walking path that goes under the bridge, as you can see it's totally underwater!

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Lauri said...

Gorgeous photos Debbie. And I'm so sorry you've got so much water. Dad had a couple of feet in his basement too. This was too much, AND I love that the artist in you took over. GOOD FOR YOU.

Can Allen and I come visit your farm this late fall? We're done with the holidays on November 14!!! And I'd love some creative time with you! I'll bring something fun to do too.