Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wow, what a few minutes of time and a few inches of rain will do

There is less than a minute between the above photo's. The creek went from a little above normal to a raging river in less than 5, went over our banks in several places. The photo is of a spot that is normally about 15' from the edge of the water. The bank closest in the photo is about 3' tall, NOT anymore.

Geese were entranced by the flood, having their usual vocal discussion on; what do you think happened? i don't know, do you think it's safe? I don't know and on and on.

Neighbors had two creeks running through their property, one of them covering 1/3 of their driveway. This second creek then went through the cornfield and into Tomas's pasture. He was not impressed by this show of water force and reared, and stomped his foot at it.

This morning creek is almost back to normal, and it's a beautiful day, hope you have one too!

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Susan said...

I was driving through Cannon Falls precisely during that incredible downpour and actually wondered as I passed your road whether your valley was ever at risk of flash flood!