Friday, September 3, 2010

It's a bad hair day!

Well here he is, our new white crested, black polish Rooster. I wanted to be sure to name him to reflect his polish heritage so his name is..............Joe, yep, makes me laugh too. Daughter, Lauren, got the giggles even worse than I did when she saw him for the first time and then continued to break into giggles every time she looked at him. He's seems to be very docile, hasn't even tried to escape when he has been picked up. We also picked up another 10 hens ( not polish) to replace those lost to the racoons this summer &^%^!%!*^!

Brrrrr, weather has gotten quite cool this am, cloudy and overcast today.

Well that's about all the new news, so have a great day and I hope Joe brings a smile to you.

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