Friday, November 5, 2010

time flies

Wow, time has flown by so fast!!! I can hardly believe that October is over.

I'm currently in Columbia Missouri for The Small Farm Conference. The show has brought together many of the great minds and leaders of the small farm movement. I'm learning many new ideas (to me) of ways and methods of successfully farming in todays economy, how to find and fill niche markets, how to deal with the ever increasing bureaucratic maze of regulations that only apply to small farms.

It's pretty frustrating to realize how narrow minded and docile the American public has become in allowing Uncle Sam to regulate so many facets of our lives. What we can view on TV, movies, what we can eat,drink,smoke, whether I can owe a gun,mandatory immunizations, etc. How did it come to be that Americans no longer think for themselves, or ask themselves if this newest policy or law really is necessary? Will it really make their live more safe, more enriched more whatever?

to be continued

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