Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dexters in the dirt

A few weeks ago I made another one of my famous barters and traded dirt for landscaping/stream bed restoration. Yes, I did say that I gave away dirt/soil for several hours of landscaping. Finally got several large tree trunks removed from the stream bank, and regraded for a more natural slope.

The cows thought this was great fun and at one time there were about 4 of them in the bucket of the dozer!!! Then after the dirt was mounded they spent a great deal of time running over the piles and jumping and bucking, it was very comical as all the cows were involved not just the youngsters. I'm very happy to report that in the four years I have been here that 98% of the stream bank is now covered in good vegetation, there seems to be more fish visible in the stream also.

I've been keeping busy practicing different types of cheesemaking. Hopefully soon I will get one or more of the cows gentled enough to milk for my own supply of fresh milk for cheesing.

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