Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Corduroy Cows

Corduroy cows, standing out on the back porch last night enjoying the 'crispness' of the night I heard what sounded like someone walking in corduroy pants, turns out it was one of the cows and the noise what from the crunchy snow under foot.

blizzard is doing well out in the barn with his 'chicks' No further trouble with his foot. It's been nice to have him back in the barn, although it has taken us all about a week to quit tip-toeing around so as not to wake him and his crowing.

I welcome your comments on the jewelry.(dreamriverdesigns.blogspot.com) Some pieces are already sold, I also welcome your thoughts and prayers that this endeavor will bring in some sort of income for us. It's been tough with both of us laid off.

208,000 miles later the toyota has finally died, that too has been another blow for us. It did however provide a very reliable ride for a long time.

Well, that's all for now. The family is feeling neglected as I seem to spend the majority of my time working or deep in thought of the next design.

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