Friday, February 20, 2009

Big Bad Bob

well big bad Bob, the bull is at it again. Trying to incite an equine riot. It is very funny to watch this 900+ bull trying to get the horses to play with him. Bob fortunately has never realized that he is a BIG! boy. He remains incredibuly docile and easy to work with. His head is now approximately 20" across, it almost does not fit in a feed bucket. We are still waiting on a calf due any time. In fact yesterday we tried to move 'momma' to the pregnancy paddock and of course we got everyone moved.....except for her. grrrrrr. The pregnancy paddock is also where the new girls we got in December are at. Bob was thrilled with the idea of meeting them in person. He got very vocal and adamant about getting close to them. I also am aware that a) he is a big animal b) he is a bull, so it was a little bit intimidating to go head to head with him to get him moved. LOL, to confirm that he doesn't realize his size, he tried to squeeze under the pole fence like he did as a calf. He seemed quite confused that he couldn't get through. The scary thing is that given a little bit more effort I'm sure he could have easily bent the pole rail and got in.

I am very ready for some warmer weather, however I am very gratefull that at least the sun has been out teasing me with it's promise of warmer weather.

All of us two leggers are doing well. My jewelry is being very well received and I am quite proud of the new chain maille pieces I have completed. I haven't seen any maille pieces in any of the local artsy shops. I hope my pieces can be displayed at a couple of these stores.(

Well think that's it for today.

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