Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The great goose debate

For those of you not having had the pleasure of the company of geese I hope that you have at least seen the two geese in the Disney movie "the Aristocats". Geese of which we have five apparently must discuss Every move no matter how small in great detail. Example, the barn doors have been open for a few weeks now and it has taken about that long for the debate to conclude that "I don't think we will get eaten' I image the whole long process to have gone something like this, do you think we should go outside? Well, I don't know. WhY? The chickens are going outside. I just don't think its wise to go out there? Well, how about we just peek out the door a little bit and see? WHAT!! I'm not sticking my head out the door, you do it. ME!! how about we all stick our heads our together and on and on. Once it was established that they could successfully make it out the door, it was incremental how far away they would get. They looked just like the ducks in the shooting gallery. Single file three steps to the right, ok now 4 steps to the left and on and on. At least the make me laugh.

Other events making me laugh was watching our ferocious bull chase the horses. I was concerned at first until I realized that this was a mutual play time and who was chasing who switched around. Our quarter horse would get into a face off with the bull and each would bluff like they were going to move, the horse won that one every time. It was also incredibly funny watching all 800 pounds or so of bull, sproinging off the ground with all four feet in the air and bucking and rearing. They all played like this for some time and it finally ended after 5-6 laps around the hay feeder!!

Currently there is a bald eagle in a tree about 50' from the house. A few days ago we had three fly over the house so close that you could hear their wings flap. How cool is that?!!

Chickens are laying 12- 14 eggs a day now. Geese are also getting in the spring mode, as it is now a definitive that we have at least one male and female. I had checked them when we first got them, but it's not always the easiest to sex geese.

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Connie Peterson said...

I have never had gease but ducks are almost the same. And I love the way they waddle in a row.

Sounds like spring might be coming, with bulls playing like calves and more eggs. We are getting more eggs, too.