Saturday, January 17, 2009


well if it isn't one thing it's another. hose broke in the pole barn auto waterer, an item we had been meaning to do some maintenance on in the summer. Fortunately it was just he hose portion of the waterer and we were able to close the hose shut to keep water from flooding the barn. The waterer has a spigot that has been there for who knows how long and it is firmly rusted shut, any action to close the spigot I feel would result in a metal part disintegrating and leaving the pipe open, not something I want in this weather.

Morning started with Hubby saying 'come here,it looks like we have a problem' turns out it was only two of the cows that had snuck through an open gate (LAWRENCE!!!!) and were on their way to the mini barn. this actually was quite fortidious, as I had been thinking this morning that we needed to move big momma cow to the mini barn for her upcoming calf. Big momma was amazingly one of the two cows venturing forth and it was a simple matter to get them into the pregnancy paddock. It also was the reason we were in the pole barn that early and noticed the busted hose. Fortunately it looks like only two bales of hay were affected, and should still be ok to feed.

I have also gone forward and ordered inventory for our Rosary, chaplet, jewelry business. We feel confident that this is where we have been lead, to start our own business, but it was still kinda scary placing the order. We have several beautiful desings, and the girls have shown a natural talent for design and creation of items. It's great to have us all working toward a commen goal.

Heat stroke, well at least the weather is out of the minuses, its a balmy 20* today. Not sure if this will last but it has been nice to appreciate the warmth. LOL, having lived in the south, many people would still call our temperatures not fit for life. It's amazing how you can adapt. In any event, I sure appreciate the spring alot more than when I was in the south and could harvest flowers and vegetable in Febuary!!

Blizzard the rooster has completed his reovery and is now back in the barn with his 'chicks' since T-rex the other rooster has gone 'suspiciously' missing, Blizzard is doing well out in the barn with no competition from Rex.

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Connie Peterson said...

How fortunate that you were able to fix the water problem. And that the "right" cows went walkabout to the right place.

Hold on to your hats ... it's going to get cold again. Possibly not as cold as last week, but still.

Our wind has been causing drifting on the road and the snow plow man can't seem to keep up with it!!

Don't mind the snow, but the drifting is awful.