Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Trials of winter

Well, we have the auto waterer in the pole barn frozen, the spigot in the little barn surrounded by an ice moat, courtesy of the teenager allowing the water to overflow and a temp of -24 currently. Our old mare had a bad couple of days, but seemed to enjoy her pampering in the stall and some anti -inflam meds for her arthritis. She's back with the herd and doing well.

We have sold one of our bull calves, Bezee, he's now a steer and in Chisago City. Funny his mom didn't really bawl for him as much as I expected, I'm sure the neighbors were glad of that. Blizzard the chicken is doing wonderfully. Hubby took him to our friend, a vet, all at the clinic got a chuckle out of seeing barnyard animals and the fact that he crowed the entire time at the clinic. Blizzard also escaped from his crate he was being transported in and took a few arial laps around the truck cab while being driven to the appointment. Apparently this was just TOO much for our lab and all 80# of her tried to crawl onto Hubby's lap. All in all it sounded like an exciting road trip... a man, a dog and his chicken!!!!

Recieved about 7" of beautiful snow yesterday, they are calling for another 1-4 this afternoon.

the girls and I are enjoying our time beading chaplets, rosaries, bracelets and necklaces. We have come up with some beautiful designs. We are to start business calls this weekend, wish us well in this endeavor.

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goodshepherd said...

"A man, his dog, and his chicken." Now THAT sounds like the making of an interesting book! It would be about your life on the farm, ay? That's too funny, Deb! And I think that you should show some more pictures of your beadwork when you are done with a few more pieces. I have lots of cousins, you know, and I can put in a plug for your blog every now and again.... :) Jody