Thursday, January 8, 2009

Good News!!!

It's been a busy couple of days. Lawrence and I have decided to dedicate and form "Butler Creek Co." producing hand-crafted chaplets and rosaries. Searching for jobs over the last couple of months has not produced any for either of us. Family obligations also limit one or the other of us in regards to work schedules. After a lot of soul searching and we came to to conclusion to form this company, portions of the proceeds will be donated back to church and our community. We both feel very strongly about this and hope that you will wish us well in this venture. We have totally given it to God and if it is meant to suceed it will. We will also continue in raising heritage livestock w/o the use of hormones/herbicides or any other additives. We hope to be able to provide fresh farm eggs/lamb/beef and continue to steward the land back to a healthy state. Several of our friends are quite talented in many other crafts (that's some of you followers of this blog) and we hope to be able to help advertise and sell their products as well.

We intend to carry multiple price ranges and custom designs, this also fits in perfectly with my decision of a few weeks ago to go forward with hand-crafted jewelry.

The house chicken decided yesterday to join the figurines of chickens in the kitchen/mudroom window-see photo bottom right of blog. We performed what we hope was the last mini surgery on his foot and removed a foreign object and hope that he continues on the mend.
Not much else is new, looking forward to warmer weather but acknowledge that it is the cold that makes those warm days so much sweeter.

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Connie Peterson said...

What beautiful rosaries!!! Good luck with your venture!

It's snowing here, again, and looks to be blizzarding soon. Stay warm!