Saturday, May 21, 2011

enjoying the sun!!

Little Dominick was born on Monday, I don't think he weighed 35# at birth but he is making it up quickly. The fence that they are behind is 48" tall so you can see that mom is quite short
The plants in front of them are daylillies and Iris's so you can use them for scale on the little guy, I figure he's probably 24" tall.


Susan said...

He is darling!

Mary said...

I love seeing dexter photos. never can get tired of it.

Seven Gates Farm said...

I'd love to scratch his little ears. What a precious little face. Debi

* Crystal * said...

Aww I love Dexters!! Yours are beautiful!!

I have Lamanchas, Alpines & Mini Alpines....My mini Alpines breeder has Dexters & one of hers just had a bull calf. We went for a visit & the babies are even more precious in person!!

Was really impressed with their friendly nature....Hubby had finally accepted my goat addiction.....You think he'd mind a few Dexters? lol