Friday, June 3, 2011

The new girls

Tuesday had me picking up some purebred Nubian does. Molly a 3yo had kidded 8 weeks ago and so was still in milk. Frosty the yearling doe came along for companionship. I've built a little milk stand and the girls (human) think it looks like a toy-in comparison to the cow size stand. I'm quite proud of my handiwork and it has made milking much easier. Currently I'm getting about a 1/2g a day from Molly. I hope to increase this with a twice daily milking routine. She's also very thin, probably a 2 on a 5 scale body condition scale. They both seem to be settling in very nicely. I don't think the yearling had ever been outside, she had been living with about 50 other goats in an old dairy barn. Molly I know had been in the barn for at least 8 weeks if not longer. Now that they have settled in they seem to be enjoying the sunshine (yes, we finally had a few days of sun )and the any time grazing. Initially they wouldn't seem to graze unless I was out with them but now they seem to have it figured out. I've never had goats that seem so hesitant to eat, I know this will soon change and they will be eating everything.

Last Dexter calf, bull, was born on Friday and all the little ones are a joy to watch jumping and playing together.

Pasture rotation is working WELL!!! The area that has been fenced off since late last fall is mid thigh in mostly grasses, appears as though at this point the weeds are being out competed

by the grass YEA!!!!!!


Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

Beautiful goats! Praise the Lord Jesus for His blessings!

Susan said...

They are so lovely! Nubians are my favorite goats --jealous. How long does your milking routine take now with a cow and goats?

Mary said...

We milk Nubians also. We love the girls.

We also just had our last calf, a dun, and we are so excited. Everything elso in the herd is black. She'll stand out like a sore thumb. Very sweet girl. Her mom is very calm For a Dexter momma.

Seven Gates Farm said...

I love goats. They have such cute little faces. Great the grass is growing. I'm getting a 2nd mow on my pastures. It's WAS a good season until it turned so hot, but they still look pretty good. Debi

* Crystal * said...

Beautiful goats! Congrats on your new additions!