Friday, May 20, 2011

hehehehehehe so excited!!

Calf was born on Monday 5/16 at 6:20 p. Shorty has had trouble with her last two calves not being able to find the teat because she is so short, I resumed training Shorty and began milking her tuesday and supplementing the calf. Had suspicions this morning that the calf had finally figured out the any time fast food situation so the evening milking was for us. Dominick the calf is definitely nursing off of mom and so I plan on continueing to milk her for our use, cheese, kefir, butter etc. I am SO EXCITED!!!!!!!

Still awaiting one more calf for the season. Broiler chicks are getting huge and will be processed in three weeks.


Seven Gates Farm said...

Amazing! I can feel your excitment. Really happy things are going well for baby and Mom. I know that takes a load off when they do it themselves. Maybe we might get some pictures of that litle one sometime??? Try to get some rest; sounds like a busy time. Debi

Mary said...

How many calves will you be blessed with this season? We have a short leg due to calve any minute and I was wondering how she would do nursing.Thanks for sharing and hope to see lots of Dexter pics.

Susan said...

Our refrigerator(s) look like this, too, only more so - we don't have room for another jar of milk (chickens and dogs are overjoyed at the bounty)! Must get to cheesemaking.
Is milking going better? I haven't connected with Ray yet about the milker part. After a few days, the udder swelling and poor cow's discomfort seem to diminish and the teats get a bit longer - thank goodness!