Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Busy bees and cool chick(ens)

Well the air conditioner must be the greatest spot in the world to hang out. Lawrence went out to check on the bees and they are very beezy making comb and honey. We were able to sample some of the honeycomb!!! Honey was very sweet, bees wax....well tasting like wax!


goodshepherd said...

Very awesome that you have bees now! Please email me and tell me where you got them, what kind they are, etc...as our bees absconded, due to Don not checking to make sure that there was enough room! They were just very busy, prolific bees!

Connie Peterson said...

OOOOOO .... you enjoy the bees, I'll enjoy the honey - but keep the bees, themselves, away from me!!!