Sunday, May 24, 2009

Breakin trail

Phew!, we (more like hubby) have been working on the wooded section of the property this year. Previously our work concentrated on restoring the stream banks, mowing down thistle and burdock (rather than use herbicides)and we are being rewarded this year with almost park like pastures. It still amazes me 1) that I get to live here 2) how effective mowing is against weeds. We always get quite a following when we mow, from the barn swallows sweeping up the insects we stir up to hawks on the lookout for a tasty rodent treat.

Just one fence line remains in the way of connecting the east side of the gorge to the west and then we will be able to bike, hike, or ride throughout the entire property. It's very rewarding to see our work opening up spaces, encouraging new growth and more wildlife.

The maple tree is one that I consider a memorial tree for my grandfather, it sits on a hill overlooking all of the property.

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Evelyn said...

We've been delgihted with what our pigs have done with our burdock & thistle. They eat the roots. I'd heard that goats & meat sheep would eat them, but I didn't see much of that in the short time that we had them before we got the pigs. The pigs took care of them in short order. The pigs don't do too much general rooting if they're in a large space. We have them out w/ the Dexters, goats & sheep. They only root if there's something in partciular that they're after.
Interesting thing about the pigs we got... they'll get nearly as big as our cows! OMG!!! I'm soooo glad they're a very friendly breed!!!