Monday, May 18, 2009

Barn Swallows, not house swallows

Well, once again it's the time of year where the BARN swallows try to nest on the house. Don't they know they should be in the barn? Front of the house looks like something from San Juan Capistrano (place known for thousands of these birds).

Orioles have been back and at the hummingbird feeders for approximately one week now. Interesting battles between the orioles and the hummingbirds, even with two feeders. A neighbor down the road has been getting Indigo Buntings at her thistle feeder. These birds have an absolutely wonderful iridescent turquoise color, may start feeding thistle here.

Bee's seem to be very happy. I called Lawrence in with a degree of worry in my voice told him I needed him to specifically identify what i had on the computer screen. His first response to the photo of the bee was, "yes, its one of mine' when i repeated that he needed to specifically id it, he came up with "Stevie # 3" Stevie can be viewed in the photos here.

I still have awe that I have been fortunate enough to have this property. Front pastures are beginning to look like a park. This year marks the fourth summer on the property and almost every single day I count my blessings for the beauty of this place.


Susan said...

Congrats on the new camera--I can tell you are having fun with it and your photos are fabulous! Your place looks gorgeous.

Lariat and Lasso are doing great. Mom lets me pet her head now - I'm trying to get her to let me brush her with the curry comb. She is shedding and itchy. so I know she will love once she tries it. Lasso WANTS to let us pet him--he has come up to let me touch him, but still pretty shy.

I have been working crazy hours at the garden center, and weather hasn't cooperated on my days off to look into my hives for 2 weeks! But they seem to be doing well- last night they were still busily gathering nectar at 8 p.m.

Isn't life great?!

Evelyn said...

Great pix w/ the new camera.
I know how it is w/ the 'barn' swallows! Last year, there was a pair in the garage. I had to go out every morning & let them out & then leave the door open all day for them.