Tuesday, May 15, 2012

change in the landscape

It seems as though all of the work on improving the pastures and in general trying to be a good land steward are paying off. First time this year we have a pair of Mallards that have been hanging out in the creek out front. There has always been a pair of Wood Ducks in the area but this has been the first mallards I've seen. Currently, as of at this minute there is a pair of Canada Geese out front, only seem them in passing. The Robin population as well as the bluebirds also seem to be increasing in numbers. Pasture rotation aka I'm not spending money on gas to mow with the tractor is working very well. Mowing with the critters has the added advantage of fertilizing and weed eating at the same time. My shortest cow; Shorty recently had what I think is the tallest calf we have ever had here, at birth he was already 1/2 her height. It was necessary to put her in the headgate for a few days until he learned that the nipple/udder was only 3" off the ground. If Shorty had side attached nipples it wouldn't have been an issue. Tomas, the Percheron and the goats enjoyed their pasture rotation past the house as the 'magic' window gave treats

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