Monday, March 12, 2012

Busy, loving the weather

The weekend weather was over 60* seems weird this early in the year, but I am not complaining. Baby goats are doing well, bouncing around everywhere. Frosty, their mom has been a fabulous first time mom.

Went riding on Saturday, it's been years since I had a long ride. A bit frustrating that 7 years after a bad horse crash that I still find myself, way too tense to completely relax. Riding an excellent horse, Daisy courtesy of my friend Mark is an excellent way to get back into the groove. Then we went target shooting, came home smelling of horses and gunpowder, doesn't get much better than that!!!! Hoping to ride in South Dakota in June ( anyone nearby who's interested let me know have room to trailer 3 horses) at the Holcomb Buffalo Ranch

Ruby, the red Dexter has become quite a 'pocket' cow, follows you in the pasture begging for treats and in case you didn't notice her, she trumpets constantly. I say trumpet because she really doesn't sound like a cow when she does it!!! More like a call to battle trumpet you'd expect to hear in a sci-fi movie.

Curious to see what the weather for the rest of the year will be like.

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