Thursday, November 10, 2011


Ok, I admit it, I laugh often at the weather reports. Do they ever actually look out a window? No precipitation in the forecast for a few days and what is it doing? Trying to rain,snow or sleet, all precipitation in my book.

I attended the Small Farms Conference again this year in Columbia MO. Once again lots of great speakers and learning opportunities. I recommend looking up: Greg Judy, Holistic Management and learning about how to heal our deprived, nutrient poor, starving soils through all natural means. I'm almost embarrassed to admit how amazed I always am when seeing before and after photo's of neglected land that is now thriving with a very diversified group of critters. Embarrassed because I should have learned by now not to underestimate the healing power of nature.

Apparently the goats did not like my absence too much, were depressed and off their feed for the few days I was gone. It's nice to be missed but wish they would continue their normal routine while I'm gone.

Things are looking very good that my little black and white Nubian doe is indeed bred, no signs of coming back into heat. I'm excited for little floppy eared babies but also glad that the buck seems to have done his job in the short time that he was 'visiting'.

Annie, the 11 year old lab LOVES her raw milk. Make sure you don't set the bucket down or she'll eagerly slurp it all up. She seems to be less stiff and sore in the mornings now that she is getting raw milk daily. Yep, the other two dogs get their share as well.

Tomas, the Percheron seems to enjoy his goat friends, they are never far from each other and it is quite comical to see the goats dash underneath him or between his legs. He never even bats an eye at this. He is definitely enjoying the twice day feedings that he gets now that he is with the goats, if I'm too slow he paws the ground to let me know that he is ready to be fed and "hey, here's the trough".

Cows and the other horses are all doing well, enjoying the pasture rotations and I really enjoy not feeding so much hay, just moving them into different pastures that haven't been grazed lately.

Wishing you all a safe and warm winter


Susan said...

Thomas looks absolutely ginormous next to the goats!! :)

Our dogs are so spoiled after the abundance of early summer milk, they simply cannot eat dog food without whole organic milk poured over it. They just look at us like, "you forgot the most important part! We can't eat that stuff dry like that!"

* Crystal * said...

What a great picture.....Thomas is a handsome fella!!

Crossing my fingers for beautiful, floppy eared goat babies this kidding season.... I have Alpines & Lamanchas, but I must say, few things are a cute as Nubian kids!! :)

Amish Stories said...

Wishing you and your family a merry Christmas, and thank you very much for being a reader. Richard

Mary Ann said...

I just found your wondeful blog, and am so glad. I am very interested in Dexters. I'm going to go "backwards" and read your past posts!