Thursday, December 29, 2011

The winter that doesn't seem to be

Well this is the first winter in my 11 years in Minnesota that we haven't had snow for Christmas.....or any snow for that matter. Last week saw temperatures in the 50's mind you I'm not complaining. Just commenting on the irony that the faucet in the barn is now fixed, no more hauling 200' of hose from the house to the barn to water the critters, no -40* days, been a remarkable amount of sun. It's actually been quite nice.

I have to admit that I'm glad am not a crop farmer as I would be getting worried about the field conditions, my hat is off to you crop farmers I would drive myself crazy with worry about weather and other issues I have no control over.

here's a new small/sustainable farmsite that I like

Frosty, the Nubian goat is most definitely bred. She seems huge already, she is due on or around March 4. I don't remember my other goats showing so early in their pregnancy, I'm hoping all goes well.

New heifer calf on November 30, wow that girl is a bouncy, jumpy one!

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday and I wish you the best in the upcoming year.

Photo's; scooter the lab- think he has 'hoof and mouth' disease and some cows building a nest

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