Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Geese are waterfowl right?

I have always thought that geese were waterfowl. However the keystone cops aka the geese have taken several weeks to venture down to the creek. Once there it took over 30 minutes for them all to actually get their feet wet! Walking into the creek, but still keeping their feet on the bottom of the creek at all times. One finally lifted its feet and seemed startled that there was a current and it was now going backwards aaaaaaaaah, quick run away!! They all four finally got into the water but left and went back to the barn w/in the 30 minute span.

Morning found them wandering the south side of the creek and then discovering them on the north side of the creek in the pasture. I am thinking that they must have crossed the water, but now have serious doubts. They spotted me outside (I'm mom) and thought let's go see her. I am expecting them to cross the creek and come back to the south side where the house and barn etc are located.......Nope, not my crazy crew they decided to cross the bridge, heaven forbid they should get their feet wet!!! All I could do was laugh and once again consider renaming the farm to "The Funny Farm"

Cows seemed to have discovered that we fixed the electric fence and it does shock them. Daisy our shortie has tested it at least twice but seems to have realized it means to stay on her side of the fence.

We have snow today, currently it's going sideways!!! I'm so glad its spring.

We do have a goose setting on her eggs, I don't have a count on how many eggs are in there, hopefully not toooo many.

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goodshepherd said...

Oh, Deb! I love your crazy goose stories! And when you call them the Keystone Cops it is even funnier! Domestic animals can be such a great source of entertainment. Our guineas never failed to make us fall over in stitches. I love your blog.