Thursday, March 5, 2009

Baby time

Well as promised here is a picture of our latest addition, Stu. I will admit we have a morbid sense of humor in that we will name the males animals as food items. We hope Stu will be sold as a bull as he has great bloodlines.


Connie Peterson said...

Ah, sweet! Yes, it would be nice to sell him as a bull. Would that I had the ability (or Norm did) to fence this place - I really DO want Dexters!!

Oh, well, I'll enjoy them through your blog. Thanks for sharing.

Evelyn said...

Most people who raise their own meat use food names for the freezer boys. On our farm, we have Prime, Rib, Roast, Steak (who turned out to be a Steakette, old partners couldn't tell!) Fillet & Minion.
We have 9 Dexters, our Bull's name is Chuck... we were lucky on that one. That years calves were Chuck, Roast & Steak.
I look forward to reading thru your blog, Our Farm is down in Missouri.