Saturday, April 9, 2011

Work in progress

Oh, the warm sunny weather has been a blessing to me. The portable fencing is up for the pasture rotations, anxious to see how that works out this year, looking forward to allowing the pastures to get some rest in between grazings.

I have been halter breaking two of the Dexters, one a yearling heifer and the other a 8 year old. I am amazed that it is going so well. I can already after just a couple of days take the heifer out for 'mini' walks she is very curious and has been real pleasure to work with, she also very much enjoys getting brushed daily as does the older gal. I would like to be able to show the yearling later in the fall and the older gal is due to calf in the next couple of weeks and I hope to be able to milk her.

Take care, and enjoy the coming of spring.


Connie Peterson said...

I want a Dexter so badly I can taste it! I had planned on getting a couple of cows and breeding AND milking and using for meat. Alas ... a husband's broken neck put the cabosh on that plan! But I still dream! Enjoy milking your cow when she freshens and think of me ... my fingers itch to milk!

Buttons said...

Hello we are still waiting for some warm sunny days the pastures are not ready yet so we are still feeding hay. I look forward to the first day we let them loose. B