Thursday, February 10, 2011


Although it's warmer here this morning than the previous days, the cows and horses seem quite comfortable outside of the barn. The little bull calf ( although huge for his breed) ended up in the house as I think he must have had a longer, delayed birth and was quite chilled when I discovered him in the nursery. Warmed up and full of food, he decided to help out with the laundry. Here at the 'funny' farm we have had; a rooster, a lamb and now a calf all spend time in the house recuperating. Elroy, the calf was quite fun watching how to learn to walk and then jump and even moo while in the house. He has gone to live with a friend of mine where he will learn to be an oxen. I wish him well

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Susan said...

Awww- He's so adorable! I am so glad w he will get to grow up to be an ox!