Sunday, December 12, 2010

World's Smartest Horse

I’m very excited and pleased to have the opportunity to spend some time with Mark Peterson, trainer of the “World’s Smartest Horse.” ( ) Dusty, the horse has appeared in many TV shows, commercials and equine presentations. The relationship between Mark and Dusty is wonderful to watch, it’s the win-win scenario that makes it a pleasure for both man and horse. Many of you know that I strove to have my Vet. Tech. students appreciate animals for what they are inherently, to not be arrogant and realize that animals ARE very capable of learning our language. The win-win situation is great for both owner and animal, each gets a paycheck. Many people (scientific & equine community) have stated that horses are not capable of problem solving. WHAT!!!! Come people use your common sense, if horses were not able to problem solve how do they survive in the wild? Isn’t survival at its basis, problem solving?

Once again I wonder how many times an event has to occur, be recorded, documented before science ‘accepts’ it as fact and not anecdotal evidence? Just because a method is new or seems unusual, isn’t the way it’s always been done; ask yourself; does it make sense to me? Am I getting willing participation from the animal? Do I have to use force or does gentle persuasion gain the effect/action I am looking for?

Dusty has learned an incredible vocabulary of verbal request and is able to carry these requests flawlessly, (but not w/o a smile see his website). I am eager to learn from Mark and Dusty, I hope that I may be able to have Mark look at something a little differently so it will be a win-win for both of us as well. That’s what it is all about, having both parties feel that they have gained whether animal/animal relationship or human/animal etc….

Go hug your animal (2 or 4 legged) and remember they are smart they learn our language, how much of theirs do we learn?

Mark and Dusty also have a facebook fan page at

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