Sunday, April 18, 2010

yea green!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, it's starting to green with the trees getting leaves and the grass is growing. We had about 3 hours of our front yard looking better than the neighbors before he got out and mowed his.

We have planted our chickens, just kidding but they sure look funny when they are using their dust bath and all that can be seen is just their heads.

Tomas, the percheron has been hired to go to a friends daughters 6th birthday. He loves kids, and what a great treat to have a knights horse attend your princess birthday party.

Anxiously awaiting soem of the cool weather crops to start peeking up from the ground. Just a few more weeks before the rest of the garden can be planted.

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Susan said...

Hey, you guys haven't posted in a long time! Hope everything is ok at Dream River farm. Need to see photos of the new Dexter babies.