Friday, March 5, 2010

Ain't got no 'body'

lol, March 4, brought us a little female calf from 1st time mom "minnie moo". Neighbor, Lisa and I brought the little calf up to the pole barn in keeping with our policy of isolating mom's and calves for 2-3 days. Mom however took a few more minutes to get up to the barn and then she acted like she didn't recognize the calf. After a very quick trip to the co-op for colostrum, and 16 oz into the calf, I went to the house for more and by the time I returned the little calf was up, looking very perky and thankfully was now over by mom and a few minutes later I heard the wonderful sounds of nursing. Yea, maternal instinct kicks in. Scooter our youngest lab was very intrigued with this new addition as it was about his size and almost the same color!! Photo attached is of Scooter checking out the newbie who looks body-less tucked into the hay.

Two of my older cows are looking very close to calving also, and for the week we have had very sunny and beautiful days. Snow is melting and the ground can be seen in spots. Yea!! spring.

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CG said...

We always try to leave moms and babes strictly alone (watched usually, with the large animals kept off if possible (the horse thinks he's a midwife)) until all babies are up and nursing. It would have scared me to death to think that I had caused a rejection! Glad she took it back.