Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Holey Moley

Good heavens our new addition "Scooter Danger Downs" who joined our family on December 15 is now all of 16 pounds. I'm quite sure that is 3 pounds or more than when we got him. He gets along well with the other dogs even though the old lady (dog) is not really all that impressed with him. He so far has been very easy to work with, he's quite vocal when he wants something whether its food, outside or attention. I'm surprised that more people weren't aware that there is a 'fox red' color of a yellow lab. Poor little guy, snow is already up to his stomach on our latest venture outside, he had the most forlorn, pitiful expression while he was outside doing his business ears flapping in the snowy wind. Wish I would have had my camera handy.

Today apparently was the day for jail breaks. First the sheep which have been sold and we are holding them until pick up this weekend decided they were tired of staying in the barn and should be free to go to the pole barn where it's stacked to the ceiling in hay. Fortunately once they saw me coming they all ran back into the barn and there stall. Lawrence went to feed the horses and cows and we have never had to close the gate behind us when feeding in the winter but today the 3 horses made a break for freedom. I think it was the mare that instigated the escape, she seems to act very tired of the 'dumb' boys. They had a good ole time trotting around the house, the little barn...should we go into the gorge? .....nah... lets trot around some more. Surprisingly it was "Toma's" the stud that finally decided to come over for treats and then it was a simple matter to lead him back into the barn/pasture with the others following.

We already have at least 4" of snow since about 4 pm this afternoon, considering the report had us receiving only 2-4" total tonite we seem to be well ahead of schedule, and they are still advising that the most snowfall will be overnight. Well what can you do?

I hope this finds all of you well and I wish you a safe and Merry Christmas.

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Youvegotmaille said...

He is adorable! We haven't had much snow in our neck of the woods yet but I think we're in for some tonight. Love frisky snowhorses!

Have a wonderful New Year!