Friday, September 18, 2009

Hey Honey!!!

Yea, our bee's were so happy this year that we have been able to harvest honey in our first year of beekeeping. We have probably harvested two quarts of yummy, delicious honey. How cool it is to eat honey from your own farm. Plus, whipped with butter and slathered on toast it's like frosting, yummy!!

This year have been a very productive year for us, the previous years of work have culminated into healthy streambeds, beautiful pastures-now almost weed free, furrowed ground smoothing out, it's very rewarding for us.

Animals are all doing very well also. Hard to believe that fall is here.

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Susan said...

I am so proud of your beekeeping! And a bit jealous! My bees were going ganbusters, too, but I guess I was too late getting my super on and my hive must have swarmed. No excess honey for us this year.

I was hauling fence panels through Cannon Falls this week and was so tempted to swing by--but time was short and I hadn't called ahead.
Hope to see you folks one of these days. You should stop by a sometime and see how huge Lasso has grown! He's a character.