Monday, July 20, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Well, it happened I fell even more in love with Thomas, the percheron. He now has a permanent home here at DreamRiver. You can see from the first picture that he is also a fellow with a great sense of humor! He is truly a gentleman, even when around some very excited mares...wink...wink. Time will tell if our Thoroughbred mare has settled (pregnant) If all goes well we anticipate a fabulous colt from Thomas & Kasino.

Where's Waldo?

yes, where is that darn waldo? Waldo is the name of our newest calf on the farm. A black bull calf that has appeared and disappeared for varying lengths of time, including yesterday where we weren't able to find him for over 12 hours!!! I must admit that it was great exercise walking up and down the hills in search of the little guy, but a little frustrating as his mom didnt' seem to know where he was either. It's very common for most of the newborns out here to be 'missing' for a few hours, but typically mom is relaxed and calm. Waldo's mom was anything but calm and relaxed.


Susan said...

Congratulations on the new additions to the farm! Thomas looks like a fun horse to befriend your other equine characters. I love his mane. ) am eager to see a photo of Waldo when he shows up! (Maybe he's just camera-shy.}

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie,
This is Vicki. You met me and my boyfriend, Dave at the chicken mud puddle where we were slogging around with the pool net catching the hens... LOL!!!
So far, so good. Our coop is way, way huge... we need a lot more. We picked up a beautiful rooster. Our hens were super shy and wouldn't even come out of the coop. They were also starving. But they are finally fed up and they had also clearly never stepped on grass before. Once the rooster came on the scene, he got them out in the grass and they relaxed some. They are tolerating me walking around without flipping out now. Anyways, here is my email- and let's keep in touch- because we will move up to cows!! We have the space we just need to get the time. :)